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Tuesday,May 18th from 5:30-7:30pm

Bring your work gloves and any tools you may have to help spruce up the outside of the church.  We will be planting flowers, raking any leftover leaves, power washing playground equipment and spreading mulch.

If you are not physically able to help, prayers are always needed, and any donations to defray the cost for mulch would be greatly appreciated.

Always remember, many hands make light work!
See you all on Tuesday at 5:30pm


Rockport Re-opening News:

Please look for more details regarding opening for worship in next weeks updates!


Gail Economy Memorial Tea Rescheduled
for Sunday, June 6, 2:00pm

You are invited to the
Gail Economy Memorial Tea
Sunday, June 6, 2:00 pm
Please call the church office to register to attend and let Sara know
if you need a ride or if you are willing to bake,  
help set-up, or help make tea. 
The tea will be held on the patio outside the parlor.  
Masks are required while not eating or drinking.  

Tea cups and paper products will be provided
unless you plan to bring your own.  Please let us know.
At the event, there will be a free will offering for
Rockport church outreach missions. 
Hats are encouraged!

Rain date will be June 27th, 2:00pm
Hope you will make plans to join us.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone! 
Hostesses: Lisa Kay and Sara Chapman


Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
Bookkeeper update:

Scott Welsh, longtime member, and head of Welsh Accounting will no longer be the accountant for Rockport Church effective April 30, 2021. We celebrate Scott and thank him for his love of God and for his tireless dedication in this position. Too many times to count, Scott went above and beyond to help Rockport. Scott you will me missed, and we thank you for sharing your financial and analytical skills with us.  We look forward to continuing to worship and honor God with you.

With the departure of Welsh Accounting, the SPRC is very pleased to announce that we have hired Sara Chapman as the new bookkeeper. Sara is a lifelong member and longtime employee of Rockport. We celebrate Sara for her kind heart, her love of God, and her tireless dedication to Rockport Church. Sara's strong work ethic and amazing organizational skills will lend her well to serve and to be successful as the new bookkeeper. Please join us in prayer and with open arms to welcome Sara!  If there are any questions, please e-mail  Thanks and Blessings!


Calling All Graduates!

ARE YOU Graduating from High School, Trade School, or any form of Higher Learning? LET US KNOW! We want to post you in the updates this summer! It’s so important to keep connected to each other during this crazy time! AND we care about you and would love to catch up by seeing what’s going on in your lives! PLEASE email the office: with your name, where you are graduating from, and any plans you’d like to share with your Rockport UMC Family! We are SO EXCITED for you!


Be sure to scroll down for Rockport Happenings, Calendar of Events, Prayer List, News from Children & Youth's Ministries, and other events of the church like Book Club, Church Picnic and Children and Youth Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries!


Please Note:

Summer  office hours are:
Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 2:00pm


Rev Laurie's contact information: or 479-595-9229

If you wish to have a hard copy of Rev. Laurie's sermon each week, please call the church office!


Google Drive Reminder:
Rockport All Church Information and Financial Reports are accessible here






Calendar of Events:

Sunday, May 16, 2021
        10:00am - Virtual Worship

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
          5:30pm - Spring outdoor clean-up

Monday, May 17, 2021
          1:30pm - Staff Meeting
           7:00pm - Strategic Planning Meeting

Thursday, May 20, 2021
       7:00pm - Finance Committee Meeting

Sunday, May 23, 2021
       10:00am - Virtual Worship

Prayer List: 

Tony Arlia, recovering from brain surgery.  Son-in-law of Beverly Cavanah
Shirley Davidson, health concerns.  Friend of David Rice
Ruth Morton, healing from fall

Norma, prayers for healing as she recovers from two neck surgeries.  Also, prayers for strength and patience for her daughter & caretaker, Tammy.  Friend of Dan Newman
Shirley Barrington, passed into life eternal on May 3, 2021.
Violet Irene Plachta was born on April 10th.  Parents are Jon & Haylie Plachta.  Proud grandparents are Dave & Marilyn Plachta
Norma Golladay, medical concerns
Vicky Leiter, passed into life eternal on April 17th.  Cousin of Julia Welsh
Jess Alexander, passed into life eternal on April 11, 2021.  60-year-old nephew of Ema Rollins
Joyce, in need of prayers.  Sister of Nancy Geyer
Nancy Chapman, in rehab after hip surgery.  87-year-old mother of Scott Chapman
Gail Stephan, health concerns
Paul Kopko, recovering from heart surgery.  Father of Keith Kopko
Tony Arlia, health concerns.  Son-in-law of Beverly Cavanah
Stan P, cancer treatment.  Requested by Rev. Davis
Lynn Burris, after 3 back surgeries still living in extreme pain.  Brother-in-law of Beverly Cavanah
Prayers for revival for Rockport to wholeness, for America, the world, and the whole church.  Requested by Nancy Geyer
Mary Mainwaring, health concerns.
Douglas MacMillan, member, prayers for recovery from a fall and surgery on his spine and his recuperation at home will be extensive.  Requested by his sister, Gail Stephan
Vicki Moenich, shoulder surgery and healing
Bill Bowers-Health concerns
Donny Nally, recovering from heart & kidney transplants.  Son of Diana Nally
Katie Patton, single mom of 3 with stage 4 liver cancer. Requested by the Wilkenson Family
Betty Jones, medical concerns
Erna Guia, prayers for healing
Dennis, healing and guidance.  Nephew of Elsie Gaewsky
Jan Tietje, medical concerns
Jacob Gasiewski-Serving our country.  Grandson of Carole Heppner
Sarah Bungard-Serving our country, Chief Warrant Officer 2 USMC. Requested by the Kopko family
Mariah White-Pray for safety for her & her unit who are in Kuwait.  Friend of Dan Newman
Lt. Chandler Freeman-In Kuwait. Grandson of Marge Freeman
As we engage in this time of discernment and strategic planning together at Rockport UMC, we invite you to CONTINUE to pray daily. Join us in praying the prayer below at 8am, 8pm, or both, depending on how your schedule works. And if none of those times work, pick one that works for your schedule - the important thing is that we are joining together with one another as we pray for God's direction in our lives and our church.

News from our Youth and Children's Ministries


Youth & UMKids!

UMKids’ Club 6th graders & Youth Peeps! Big Brothers and Sisters Project

Special Mission Project… Calling all older kids to work on a special project for the younger kids!

It’s been hard on all of us SO MUCH this past year, being separated. But the younger kids (5th grade and under) have had an especially hard time with this.
I am hoping that you guys can sign up to be a pretend big brother or sister for one of our younger kids… I will assign you to someone (NOT a sibling of your own!) to do something special for. Color a picture… bake some cookies… give a small gift (dollar store gift, nothing crazy! It’s the thought that counts here!) AND I would like you to pick out a very special Bible verse for them and write it on an index card… 

I want to send these AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So I need you guys to begin signing up NOW! 

There are enough of you guys (6th through 12th) graders to have one kid assigned to you! 

PLEASE consider this one time event. OF COURSE after we are done I hope you will be able to wave and say hello to your kid after this haha BUT you do not have to keep sending gifts or cards - I just want this to connect the kids to the people they admire most - YOU GUYS. They get so excited to know what the “Big Kids” are doing next! And what they will get to do when THEY are the BIG KIDS! 

*IF YOU CANNOT drop the cards/gift at their home, I can do delivery service - PLEASE do not pay to mail anything bigger than a card!  I don’t want this to be a big expense for people! Just a good and kind deed! 



WE are back up and running for the Take What You Need Cabinet! Volunteers ARE NEEDED to begin taking over filling it and inventorying it, etc. 

MANY thanks go our to our adults who have been filling it up for us during COVID!

May 12th:

Y A C News!                                                                                                                    Youth Annual Conference 2021! Saturday, June 12th! 12:30 to 3:15 p.m. (6th Grades through graduating seniors!) 

JOIN US FOR YAC! PLEASE sign up for YAC by May 25th so that I can order the party boxes from the Conference Youth. 



ONE DAY only… Outdoors, when we’re able to be in person - DATE TBA

AVAILABLE NOW: Sand cross kits to make to send out to nursing homes and apartment people! PLEASE contact me ASAP
to be able to join in this mission project!

*You can absolutely sign up to make more than one ornament - BUT I am asking everyone to try to make at least ONE… even when we are separate, we can be working on mission together! Our Bunny people were
really REALLY happy and felt the love!



Please join us on Monday, June 21st at 7pm outside on the church patio.  Masks and social distancing are required.  We will be discussing the book "The Four Winds" by Kristin Hannah. "The Four Winds  is an outstanding historical saga sparking memories of the classic John Steinbeck story, Grapes of Wrath.  Based during the great depression, the hardships and demise of small farmers and the migration of people from the Dust Bowl states in America to the land of milk and honey-California. Hope to see you all on June 21st for fellowship and discussion!



All Church Picnic on July 18th after our Worship service!  
Food & games on the back patio
so be sure to save the date!


May Children and Youth Birthdays:
May 1    Shannon Rowen
May 8    Mya Field
May 10    Jackson Paige
May 12    Molly Field
May 14    James Wall
May 16    Bobby Collings
May 25    Averie Mahnen

May Wedding Anniversaries:
May 12    Dan & Tammy Munro, 20 years
May 16    Scott & Julia Welsh, 34 years
May 17    Mark & Holly Hausman, 46 years
May 19    Jim & Diana Leitch, 37 years
Jim & Sue Spallino, 31 years
May 23    Jim & Laurie Weaver, 29 years