Jesus is Merciful and Pure



Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. 

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  

Matthew 5:7-8



Mercy is a display of compassion or forgiveness toward one who is deserving of punishment.


Purity is a state of being unblemished.


Mercy and purity are not qualities that people especially value – until they are in trouble or are in terrible suffering themselves.  When life is painful, what more could we want than a friend whose heart is filled with merciful compassion and whose motives are pure?  Merciful compassion and purity are the qualities of God.  In God’s great mercy, God's hand is stretched out to us in our pain, sin and suffering. Jesus is the bridge between God and humanity; he offers us rescue and restoration.  As we reach for the pure and merciful hand of Jesus, we experience God's merciful compassion and understand purity; we are called to be like Jesus – to be merciful and pure as he is.  At Rockport United Methodist Church, we believe this is truly living life in all its fullness.  Knowing and following the Lord Jesus is to live life the best possible way, to be truly satisfied, to be richly blessed.  Rockport offers God's mercy to all who are searching for relief of their circumstances.  As we guide others to the hand of Jesus, we are reminded of what Jesus taught us; if we live like this, merciful and pure, not only are we living the blessed life, but we are partnering with him in changing the world!


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