Prayer helps:


Prayer is basically conversation with God.  It is one of many means of connecting and growing in your relationship with God. There are a variety of ways in which to pray.  This page is created to help you get started and explore what works best for you. Check back often to find new information to help guide you. 

A New Year 


As a New Year dawns, many make resolutions to improve their lives. If you have resolved to spend more time in prayer but are concerned about squeezing it in to your already crowded calendar, this page will contain advice from United Methodist pastors and church leaders that will help you move toward a deeper prayer life in 2015 and beyond.


Make prayer a priority


Those hoping to find time for prayer will likely fail. You have to make time. “I like to compare it to exercise,” said Jan Reed, leader of the Centering Prayer Group at University United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas. “We need exercise to keep our bodies healthy,” she continued. “We need prayer to keep our souls healthy.”


Reed recently asked her prayer group “what they would suggest for newcomers to prayer, and most of them said, ‘Just do it!,’” a slogan of a brand of apparel one might wear while exercising. The connection to our health may be stronger than we know.

How do I make time to pray?

Turn off the television and electronics


Once you have established a sacred place and made an "appointment" each day with God in your planner, be sure to turn off all electronics and replace distractions.  


Reed reminds us, “We often spend at least 20 min a day doing insignificant things – checking emails, puttering around the house, watching TV, surfing the internet, etc.”  We could replace that time with 20 minutes of deep communion with God.


The Reverend Olinda Salazar-Veliz, Pastor of Hispanic Ministries at White Plains United Methodist Church and pastor of Luz del Pueblo in Cary, North Carolina, encourages us to pray through this struggle. She offers this example, “I want to grow more to follow you in better ways in this new year. Please, forgive my distractions, putting as excuses my daily chores. Allow me to approach more actively in your teachings and in the practice of them.”

Keep your Bible and prayer journal handy


Many people miss exercise classes because they cannot find their yoga mat or car keys in time.


We can also significantly cut into our prayer time while looking for what we need. Keep your Bible, journal, and other tools where you can quickly locate them.

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