A Man Who Changed the World


Jesus' life is so significant the record of human history is divided around him...before and after Christ.  His life continues on today as millions around the world follow him and his teachings.  Many lives have been profoundly influenced by him. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi to name a few. 


So...who is this man...this man named Jesus, who, in only 3 years of ministry changed the world?  He traveled around teaching before being executed in Jerusalem at the young age of 33. He preached to crowds that followed him out on the beaches and grassy hillsides; he trained his disciples, he challenged the authority of the religious leaders, and confronted their hypocrisy, he lived out the values he preached, he performed amazing deeds and after his death his disciples reported he had come back to life.  


So what are the values he preached, taught and lived by?  What was his message that changed and continues to change the world?  Here is an opportunity to consider who Jesus is seriously for yourself.  If your ideas of Jesus and his message are purely based on childeren's Bible stories you heard long ago, or other people’s interpretations of his teachings; if your view of Jesus has been spoiled by the failure of the Church or of some Christian leaders to practice what Jesus preached; or if you have simply never read his story in the Bible, please join us as we explore the simple life and message he lived that continues to change lives throughout the world.  


On the "more about Jesus" page, we present some of his teachings and look at how he lived them out as examples for us to carry on to others.  It is Rockport's hope and prayer that as you explore who this Jesus is, you will discover the the unconditional love he offers you. 

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